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Project Description
This is a sample project showing how to create a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget that communicates with a SharePoint site via web services.

The initial release is a purely a proof-of-concept. The existing code is for research purposes only.

emptygadget.png searchgadget.png

This project will continue to be updated to make it a fully functional sidebar gadget.

To get started, download and double click the .gadget file to install it.


Then add the gadget to your sidebar.


Select settings first to enter your SharePoint site URL


To search, enter some search criteria and click the search button.

Results are shown below.


Folders are highlighted in yellow. Each folder or document is presented as a link to its URL within SharePoint. You can click on any link to open the document or folder in a new browser window.

Known Issues:
- Requires access to sharepoint web services via windows authentication or anonymous access
- Settings screen shows basic and forms authentictaion options which have not been implemented yet.

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